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Price of Wheat

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This year's Wheat market appears weak phenomenon enjoys it, and continued until late June until July wheat market of buying and selling activity began to improve. Wheat as a food crop, by state regulation impact is very obvious, so the acquisition of the intensity of the State Reserve bank buying and selling directly affect the strength of the market.
Since July, the enforcement of national prop acquisition significantly increased. Despite the current progress of the acquisition of wheat compared with last year as a whole compared to slowly, but progress since the acquisition in late June or significantly accelerated. You can see the reservoir of acquisition efforts abroad began to increase, this is actually a good time to return the funds. If you always store food to be up, its loan pressure, as well as some storage pressure force majeure will allow food store's profits, so when the State Reserve force recently acquired wheat actively send food storage is the best choice.
From nearly two years of milling enterprises' survival environment, this year's milling industry is still in a period of adjustment of the industry, the market is still shrinking, if future acquisitions weakened State Reserve, or the close of the acquisition, the domestic wheat market the lack of strong demand for the subject, prices rose difficult.
From this year all over the feedback information can be seen, the supply of good quality wheat market this year is obviously insufficient, so good grain future prices must have room to rise, but the magnitude is not particularly large, sub-grain is concerned, although the recent price is not high, but still not recommended to continue to exist, because the second impurity grain itself, the more difficult long-term preservation, the next time the price of wheat rose difficult, and may even be reduced.
Overall, this year's domestic wheat market…...

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