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Private Peaceful

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Private Peaceful

I went to see Private Peaceful at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich on the 1st of October 2014. This play was an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s best selling novel and centres around a young boy from Devon and his experience of world war one. The play was adapted and directed by Simon Reade and only had one actor, Andy Daniels who multi role-played 28 different characters. The style of play was story telling and Daniels told the story through Tommo Peaceful’s eyes.

Daniels showed good vocal skills in act 1 when the RAF pilot landed the plane behind Tommos house. He was with Charlie and the pilot gave them some humbugs. The way Daniels performed it was, he shielded his eyes from the sun and with a squinting expression into the distance. As the sound effect got louder Daniels stuck his fingers in his ears and dived down into the ground, screwing his face up. Suddenly he turned into this posh, flamboyant RAF pilot – he played this character as an over exaggerated caricature which was very funny. This was successful because he changed roles very clearly to distinguish the two characters and his accent was very good which, made the character more funny because it was a stereotype. It was also very good because it was only him and the sound effect, yet it was so vivid and the audience could imagine it however they wanted. Daniels appeared young and excitable, as a child would if he saw a plane landing. This was a nice moment in the play because it displayed childhood innocence perfectly and reminded me of summer.

A good display of physical skill was when Tommo was at the parade for the soldiers and they were doing sign ups for the military. Tommo was very excited and was with Charlie. Then an old woman poked him in the back and tried to get him to sign up; when Tommo looked uncomfortable she started saying ‘you’re not a coward are you?’ And then he ran away. Daniels performed this by hunching his back over, squinting his eyes, puckering his lips and pointing at Tommo with a crippled finger. He also changed his voice to a shrill muffled old woman’s voice to make the character more realistic. This was effective because through her physicality, the woman was really creepy and seemed quite intimidating even though she was old. I also felt that the phrase she said stayed with me throughout the performance because it was so short yet so powerful.

Daniels showed multi role-playing well when he was performing as Mr Munnings in the playground telling people to go inside. Tommo was with Charlie and Molly and they all feared him very much. He walked around a bit like an army general, with his hands behind his back, a slow unapproachable pace, a grimace on his face and a very low posh voice. He also looked down on the children and when he spoke to Tommo he bent down onto his level and got very close to his face. This was really good because this was the first time the audience saw him and we instantly got the impression that he was a very intimidating, fearful character. He reminded me a lot of Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. I also liked the way he changed into Mr Munnings because when he was Tommo he was running around playing, smiling and having fun. Then he stopped abruptly and his face seemed like it was melting into this scowl. This whole process was very slow so the audience could clearly see every single change to his character. A really lovely moment in the play was when Tommo, Molly and Charlie went down to the lake and they all went skinny-dipping. Daniels portrayed this by only playing Tommo and just narrating the scene with a very elated facial expression. He also used movements to show his surroundings, which was a lake. However he took his shoes and socks off to simulate him getting naked, which I thought was a nice way of showing it because the audience understood completely what he was simulating without it being rude. This was effective because, the way he performed it was so simple yet, such a sweet scene. It also showed his vocal skills well because he didn’t have any different characters, costume changes or effects it was just him narrating and I was fully engrossed and could picture the lake vividly. I especially liked it when he promised Molly he wouldn’t look, had his back to the audience, turned back around and said ‘but we did’ with the cheekiest grin on his face. It displayed his innocence and his personality really nicely.

A very impactful scene was when Tommo was getting ready to go to war and was getting dressed into his uniform, and then sat down on the bed, wrapping his puttees around his legs and singing Oranges And Lemons. The scene had a really slow pace, his facial expression was very sombre and he didn’t move much aside from putting his uniform on. This scene was so powerful because we were purely focussing on his voice and what he was saying. The Oranges and Lemons song was a good juxtaposition because he sung it in a soft manor and it’s quite a childish song yet the connotations of the scene were very serious and about him growing up and going off to war.

A scene which I found humorous in act 2 when Tommo had just enrolled into the army and he was in his line and he encounters his commanding officer/general Horrible Hanley who shouts at him for putting his rifle down in the wrong way. Daniels performed this a bit like Mr Munnings with his physicality’s so he was very upright and walked very slowly but he marched more and was better spoken. He had a frown on his face and bellowed whenever he spoke. This was successful because there was a moment from the time Hanley stopped in front of Tommo to when he actually shouted at him and it created a lot of tension. I also like the character of Horrible Hanley because I found him very funny and when telling people off he used a wide vocabulary and it was very humorous. This worked well because his physicality was so strong and so was his voice.

There was a very heartfelt moment when Tommo was in the café in France and he met a girl he liked. They had a long conversation and arranged to meet up in the future. Daniels started off as the girl taking Tommos order with a soft voice, acting coy, twiddling his thumbs and scuffing the floor. When he played Tommo he acted very shy as well but stammered and had a cheeky smile, I felt it was a nice character similarity. This was successful because it focused on the relationships formed throughout the war and wasn’t all just about being in the trenches and being on the battlefield. I also felt that it just deepened Tommo’s emotional depth and his physicality of acting shy was very accurate to how you behave around a pretty girl.

There was a moment in act 2 that was very powerful and it was when the soldiers had been sheltering from bombs for two days. Tommo decided to sing oranges and lemons to drown out the noise of the bombs and all of the other soldiers joined in. Daniels performed this just as Tommo but Charlie and some other soldiers were in the scene too. He was laying on his side curled up, wincing and talking in hushed tones. This was successful because the way he spoke was a strong juxtaposition to the to the bombs going off. I also liked the relationship between him, Charlie and the other soldiers because; even though he didn’t play Charlie or the others the way he spoke about how they behaved e.g. saying that Charlie was clutching onto him for dear life and the soldiers had immense pride when singing gave this real sense of togetherness.

Lastly the most memorable moment in the play was when it was the morning of Tommo’s execution in front of the firing squad for being a coward. Daniels performed this by standing still centre stage, not moving, his whole body was very tensed up and he had an extremely panicked facial expression. This was a good moment because he physicality created a very tense atmosphere and we were all waiting for the gunshot to go off. However I didn’t like the angelic music in the background after he died because I thought that it was a bit of an over kill and it wasn’t necessary.

To conclude I feel that the director’s intention of this production was to show us the events of Tommo’s life leading up to his tragic death. I feel Simon Reade was trying to portray it in child like sense to show the audience that even though he is being forced to become an adult by going to war, he is still a child throughout the production. I feel that Daniels showed this perfectly through his physical and vocal skills because he had the same voice and mannerisms throughout the production.…...

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