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1.Request for proposals answer: seek help from outside vendors

2. visual aids main goal is to answer: maintain audience interest

3.for readers of online material, highlighting information is especially helpful because answer: it provides navigational cues answer: it aids search engine retrieval

4.Because presentation are structured for listeners, it is important answer: include as many visuals as possible answer: take advantage of a call to action answer: work is especially hard on the opening and closing

5.a proposal usually includes answer: an itemized list of costs.

6.Meetings are usually and ideally: answer: a contribution to a collective effort

7.providing copies of a presentation for an audience answer: help listeners take notes

8.Meeting minutes serve as answer: timekeepers answer: record keepers

9.presentations and meetings are both built on answer: listening

10.when conclusions are listed first and then support is provided for these conclusions answer: inverted pyramid

11.when listening the first step is to answer: make the decision to listen

12.Unlike internal or sales proposals , grant and research proposals, include answer: a budget section answer: literature review

13.when planning a meeting, make sure to answer: determine the purpose and time and place

14.unsolicited proposals are usually answer: proceeded by a letter of inquiry

15. Like most visuals, use illustrations to answer: show relationships between instructions

16.presentation slides should be limited to answer: 40 to 45 words

17.web writing is better understood when there is_______ and ______ involved answer: linking and chunking

18.Like printed text online, online material often uses______ and______ to make it more accessible for readers answer: headings and bullets

19. Giving site users quick access to material and saving them the trouble of scrolling through multiple scream to find content is describing what. answer: linking

20.Easy to follow instructions do Not allow for answer: unfinished tasks

21.A major different between print and online writing is that online writing is answer: faster

22.The______ helps determine whether the goals of a presentation have been met. answer: closing

23.Adequate warnings answer: describe how to avoid injury

24.the purpose of transitions and visual aids in presentations is to answer:enhance the message for audiences

25.when planning a meeting which of the following makes most sense? answer:in a two-hour meeting, a break will occur after an hour

26.when creating PDF files, it is helpful for online writing if_______ answer: copyrighted material has been posted with permission

27.when writing instructions for international readers answer: use plain language

28.Alert readers to potential hazards by answer:utilizing highlighting techniques

29.Well- illustrated instructions often work well for answer: international audiences

30.when writing directly to the reader_____and _______ answer: use the active voice; be concise

31.Listening ,unlike hearing ,requires all of the following Except: answer: action answer:assessment make complex instructions easier to follow answer: break it into stages or headings writing, like printed writing, must do which of the following answer: include any and all information over a specific topic answer: acknowledge outside material presentations, and conducting meetings requires people to all, except the following. answer: not to take listeners into consideration

35.when writing for the web, it is not important to consider answer: loading speeds answer: reading speeds

36.Prezi is a form of answer:presentation software

37.non profit groups, government agencies, private foundations , are usually target audience of answer: research and grant proposals

38. the______ besides providing overview of the presentation, also states how the material will be organized answer: abstract answer: intro

39.Solicited proposals are often known as an answ: RFP er 40. writing for the web is very much like writing for print. answer: True Answer: false
41.research and grant proposals answer: target business organizations answer:have a specific audience

42. just like print writing writing for the web must be based on all except the following answer: some honesty a meeting agenda ideally answer: is distributed in advance of a meeting

44.a sales proposal seeks to answer: only discover customer needs answer: sell,improve, or offer benefits

45.chunking helps readers off online material with all of the following except answer: excluding links write instructions, what must occur first? answer: understand the process being described

47.a good proposal always considers answer: audience, purpose, organization, and persuasion

48. when writing online content, it is imperative that it be blank answer: accessible images and design,_______ should be used to aid the message of online content answer: graphics

50. written instructions are usually put in answer: the imperative mood
51. Internal proposals usually require an introduction, body, conclusion, and references list when answer: involves a project management team involves more money

52. A proposal is answer: written to solve a problem or fulfill a need

53. writing for the web differs from writing from pring by answer: considering web technology and design.

54. the best way to test instructions is to answer: Have someone else follow them i 55. Hearing is_____ while listening is ______ answer: passive; active

56. When dealing with presentation anxiety, it is best to answer: rehearse when possible

57. In reaching global audiences, keep language plain and simple by doing which of the following examples. answer: using highlighting techniques in the presentation

58. a presentation works well when presenters have done which of the following? outlined, drafted, and practiced their presentation in a

59. proposals, by nature, are everything, but_________. answer:unsupported

60. to suggest an improvement or change within an organization is ______

answer: consider an internal proposal

61. knowing the reason behind a procedure,the materials and tools required, an end result helps with what aspect of instruction writing? answer: organization
Not public process direct observation

62. Listening, unlike hearing, requires all of the following except: answer: annotation…...

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