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Universiteti I Tiranes Fakulteti I Shkencave te Natyres Dega:Informatike Detyre Kursi Tema: Te shkruhet nje program qe lexon oren me shifra ne formatin hhmm dhe e paraqet ate me fjale.

Donaldo Lika Grupi: A1 #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> int main() { int numri,ora,minuti; printf("KTHIMI I ORES NGA NUMRA NE KARAKTERE"); printf("\nFutni oren: "); scanf("%d" , &numri); int error_o =0; ora = numri/100; //ora do jene 2 shifrat e para te numrit if(numri%100>30) ora = numri/100 + 1; //nqs minutat e kalojne 30 ora do rritet me nje if((numri%100)%1==0) //bejme kontrollin qe minutat te jene ne formatin e duhur { switch(ora){ case 0: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Dymbedhjete"); break; case 1: case 13: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Nje"); break; case 2: case 14: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Dy"); break; case 3: case 15: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Tre"); break; case 4: case 16: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Kater"); break; case 5: case 17: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Pese"); break; case 6: case 18: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Gjashte"); break; case 7: case 19: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Shtate"); break; case 8: case 20: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Tete"); break; case 9: case 21: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Nente"); break; case 10: case 22: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Dhjete"); break; case 11: case 23: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Njembedhjete"); break; case 12: case 24: case 25: printf("ORA ESHTE : <<Dymbedhjete"); break; default : printf("Ora nuk eshte ne formatin e duhur!"); error_o=1; } //mbaron switch } //mbaron if if(error_o!=1) //error_o != 1 nga kjo do kuptojme qe ka gabim ne ora { minuti = numri%100; //minutat do jene 2 shifrat e fundit switch(minuti){ case 00: printf(" fiks >> "); break; case 01: printf(" e nje>>"); break; case 02: printf(" e dy>>"); break; case 03: printf(" e tre>>"); break; case 04: printf(" e kater>>"); break; case 05: printf(" e pese>>"); break; case 06: printf(" e gjashte>>"); break; case 07: printf(" e shtate>>"); break; case 8: printf(" e tete>>"); break; case 9: printf(" e nente>>"); break; case 10: printf(" e dhjete>>"); break; case 11: printf(" e njembedhjete>>"); break; case 12: printf(" e dymbedhjete>>"); break; case 13: printf(" e trembedhjete>>"); break; case 14: printf(" e katermbedhjete>>"); break; case 15: printf(" e nje cerek>>"); break; case 16: printf(" e gjashtembedhjete>>"); break; case 17: printf(" e shtatembedhjete>>"); break; case 18: printf(" e tetembedhjete>>"); break; case 19: printf(" e nentembedhjete>>"); break; case 20: printf(" e njezet>>"); break; case 21: printf(" e njezet e nje>>"); break; case 22: printf(" e njezet e dy>>"); break; case 23: printf(" e njezet e tre>>"); break; case 24: printf(" e njezet e kater>>"); break; case 25: printf(" e njezet e pese>>"); break; case 26: printf(" e njezet e gjashte>>"); break; case 27: printf(" e njezet e shtate>>"); break; case 28: printf(" e njezet e tete>>"); break; case 29: printf(" e njezet e nente>>"); break; case 30: printf(" e gjysem>>"); break; case 31: printf(" pa njezet e nente>>"); break; case 32: printf(" pa njezet e tete>>"); break; case 33: printf(" pa njezet e shtate>>"); break; case 34: printf(" pa njezet e gjashte>>"); break; case 35: printf(" pa njezet e pese>>"); break; case 36: printf(" pa njezet e kater>>"); break; case 37: printf(" pa njezet e tre>>"); break; case 38: printf(" pa njezet e dy>>"); break; case 39: printf(" pa njezet e nje>>"); break; case 40: printf(" pa njezet>>"); break; case 41: printf(" pa nentembedhjete>>"); break; case 42: printf(" pa tetembedhjete>>"); break; case 43: printf(" pa shtatembedhjete>>"); break; case 44: printf(" pa gjashtembedhjete>>"); break; case 45: printf(" pa nje cerek >>"); break; case 46: printf(" pa katermbedhjete>>"); break; case 47: printf(" pa trembedhjete>>"); break; case 48: printf(" pa dymbedhjete>>"); break; case 49: printf(" pa njembedhjete>>"); break; case 50: printf(" pa dhjete >>"); break; case 51: printf(" pa nente>>"); break; case 52: printf(" pa tete>>"); break; case 53: printf(" pa shtate>>"); break; case 54: printf(" pa gjashte>>"); break; case 55: printf(" pa pese >>"); break; case 56: printf(" pa kater>>"); break; case 57: printf(" pa tre>>"); break; case 58: printf(" pa dy>>"); break; case 59: printf(" pa nje>>"); break; default : printf("Futni oren ne formatin e duhur!"); } // mbaron switch } //mbaron if getch(); return 0; }…...

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...JOY’S TOYS MISSION STATEMENT Joy’s Toys produces a wide line of moderately priced educational toys for preschool and young school-aged children. We service a four-state area surrounding Missouri and sell directly to schools or school district buying centers. Our first product priority is quality. We would rather lose a sale by being overpriced than sell low-quality merchandise. We offer quick and accessible service and repair on all merchandise we sell. We care about children and view their education as the critical part of our task. Our toys are designed to enrich the child’s educational experience. All design work is done in-house to assure responsive, innovative products. In hiring sales representatives, we seek to attract former primary school teachers who are in tune with the needs and wants of children and who can identify with the concerns of parents. We exclusively promote from within. ANALYSIS OF JOY’S TOYS MISSION STATEMENT |Joy’s Toys produces a wide line of moderately priced educational toys |THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS | |for preschool and young school-aged children. We service a four-state|Identify the industry and product line of the company | |area surrounding Missouri and sell directly to schools or school | | |district buying centers. |Identify......

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