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Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality Integrated Change Control Plan

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Masters in Information Technology Project Management

Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality
Integrated change Control Plan

TS5332 Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Triplicty Events Integrate Change Control Plan 1
Plan to Setup Change Control Board (CCB) 1
Category 1. Changes to Project Objectives 1
Category 2. Forced Modification of Scope 1
Category 3. Possible Modification of Scope – 1
Plan to Review and Approve Requested Changes 3
Change management process 4
Change Request Process Flow Requirements 4
Change Request Form and Change Management Log 5
Plan for Managing Approved Change Procedures 5
Evaluating and Authorizing Change Requests 6
Types of Change Requests 7
Status of Change Requests 7
Plan for Corrective and Preventative Action Procedures 8
Overview of CAPA 8
Corrective and Preventative Action Procedure 8
Plan for Areas that Needed to be Updated After Approved Changes Are Implemented 10
Plan for Controlling Project Quality from Standards Based on Quality Report Procedures 10
Control procedures 11
Control methods 11
Quality procedures 11
References 12

Triplicty Events Integrate Change Control Plan
Plan to Setup Change Control Board (CCB) Change requests are inevitable in any project. In order to effectively manage the changes for the Triplicty project, a change control board (CCB) has been devised to review and prioritize changes presented during the course of the project. The CCB can range from the Group 2 project managers and the Triplicity management teams meeting on a regular basis to review requests. These requests may be review either formally or informally. It is possible that additional review will be required by various committee representatives throughout the organization. There are three categories of changes that…...

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