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Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group

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Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
Carl Grieser
PJM 500 – Project Management
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Chiji Ohayia
February 28th, 2016

Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
The Global Infrastructure Group, a subsidiary of the Global Financial Corporation, is an international conglomerate specializing in developing technologies and solutions for the Global Financial Corporation. This proposal for the Global Infrastructure Group will advise on what requirements the organization can best implement for a comprehensive project management system that can be used in a global organization that has small-, medium-, and large-scale projects. This proposal will address the following:
The principal components of a project management system for a large-scale organization. These components will include:
•Project Selection
•Prioritizing Projects
•Project Organization
•Program Management
•Planning and Scheduling
•Estimating Cost
•Monitoring and Controlling
•Communication, Metrics, and Project Updates
•Risk Management
•Role of Information Technology
Recommendations will include how Global Infrastructure Group can use project management principles to meet their goal of improving efficiency and empowering management to make better and informed decisions through the use of processes, tools, and standards in completing projects. Additionally, this proposal will discuss how an effective project management system contributes to organizational effectiveness. It will also discuss the optimal role and level of involvement the project management office should have in managing small-, medium-, and large-scale projects across the organization. And finally, this proposal will present a strategy on how Global Infrastructure Group can share best practices across the organization.

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