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Proposed Employee Development Plan

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Human Resource Management with Organizational Behavior
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13 April 2016

Company Overview

ABC Company is Asia-Pacific’s leading background screening, end-to-end risk mitigation and talent acquisition solutions provider. Headquartered in Florida, and providing screening services globally, ABC Company pioneered Asia Pacific’s background screening industry and has led the industry in setting background screening benchmarks as it expands operations throughout the region. ABC Company empowers the customer to make quicker, more confident decisions by offering in-depth criminal background checks, public record searches, employment verification, professional and education checks. ABC is a leader in information retrieval with up to 6 million searches a day, assisting thousands of customers - from small companies to global organizations.

Human Resource Objectives

ABC Company (ABC) Philippines Human Resources should be a business partner in ensuring that business objectives are effectively met as strength is leveraged on talent capabilities and workforce excellence. While corporate mission and programs must always come first, as a manager, I believe that another opportunity for the site to boost its success and sustainability is by placing increased focus on the following HR strategic objectives, anchored on ABC Company’s Core Values:

▪ ABC Company’s Human Resources and Managers should aim to maximize the organization capability by strengthening talent capabilities and competencies while sustaining…...

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