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Proposed System Requirements

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Proposed System Requirements
The ability to anticipate what customers will purchase during a particular period becomes a strong advantage for Kudler Fine Foods. Currently, the store tracks purchases per transaction for reporting and financial purposes. However, it is far more advantageous to know in advance the products shoppers are likely to buy. Analyzing system capabilities determine the requirements for such a project. Nonfunctional system requirements are also important.
The analysis of nonfunctional system requirements include sustaining the usability, speed, efficiency, capabilities, and security features of the Point of Sale systems when tracking transactions from Point of Sale registers. The operational requirements entail modified software programming to track customer purchases, initially generating account numbers as identifiers for each participating program customer. Increasing the communications performance of the Point of Sale system to handle the amount of transaction data transferred for each customer account is essential. The system will support multiple registers and data transactions simultaneously and efficiently as illustrated in Diagram 2: High-Level Logical Data Flow. The next phase entails a review of functional system requirements.
Diagram 2: High-Level Logical Data Flow
The functional requirements of Kudler Fine Foods’ information systems include the capacity to accumulate and store data files resulting from customer purchases, facilitate financial transactions, and calculate Frequent Shopper Program point balances. The company will incorporate access points for managers and supervisors to view customer rewards point balances. The system will generate personal identification numbers for customers to review rewards point balances during checkout, displayed on the credit card machine, and printed on the customer’s receipt. Kudler Fine…...

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