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Psy/265 Erilson's Time Line

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Erikson's Timeline

September 16, 2012

Erikson's Timeline
After reading and studying Erikson’s eight stages of life I find myself at the seventh stage, this stage is referred to as the Generatively VS. Stagnation. I see myself at this stage because I’m at the point in life where I have children that need me and I work very hard to provide a good life for them. I make sure I stay and active part in their lives whether it’s a sporting event or a school project. I make it my focus to make sure I raise them as productive members of society and get great enjoyment of the accomplishments they have already made. Being an adult and a parent I am committed to make sure that I only influence the younger generation in a positive way. I find it personally fulfilling when I do things that help not only better my children but the people around me. I get great satisfaction out of helping people succeed in life and change the patterns there life might be heading in when they feel other have giving up on them. To me this is the stage in life where you focus on not only the people that mean the most to you, but also your future as well. Now that my children are in their teenage years it gives me the opportunity to go back to school and finish the dreams I have.

The person I chose who is at a different stage then myself would be my 18 year old son Brandon. He is going to be 19 in November and I see him falling in between stages Identity vs. Role confusion and Intimacy vs. Isolation. He is a social butterfly and has a heart of gold, I have enjoyed very much with both my boys watching them form their own personalities and Identities. I love sitting back and watching him with his girlfriend, he opens doors for her when she gets in or out of the car, carries her stuff for her and treats her like a lady should be treated. This are all things I tried to make sure I…...

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