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Psychosocial Report I. Identifying Information

Name: KP
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Education: 2nd year college
Religion: Roman Catholic
Status: Single
Birth order: Youngest among the 3 siblings.
Occupation: Students
Location: Angono Rizal
Living with: Relatives and siblings II. Referring Person
The person who referred KP to me is his mother. His mother notices that KP has been going home late very often and is even drunk when getting home. They always fight because of that. She stated that she can’t handle her son anymore, he listens to no one. His mother thinks that he needs someone to talk to, someone to guide him so he was referred to me. His mother also added that she wants to know the reasons why KP is doing such things that are bad for him. His family is concerned about him that his doings affect his studies. III. Presenting Problem
According to the client everything started when he was in high school. There was a certain someone, an ex-girlfriend who got into a car accident. So because of the incident he started drinking and it just got worse and worse. Another cause of his drinking problems is the people around him. He stated that the relationship is mutual: his friends influenced him in drinking and sometimes he is the one influencing them to drink. Alongside his drinking problems blossoms his smoking habit. He says that he started smoking because of his peers and he is curious about smoking. Up to this point in time he still smokes and his average sticks per day are 10. When he’s stressed he says that it even goes higher also when he is drinking. His smoking has become a habit. Nobody in his family knows about this traumatic event. He keeps it to himself.
About his academics, he says that his drinking problem doesn’t affect it but the teachers in his school are not that good. He labeled them as “self-proclaimed educated people”. He says that he is even smarter than the teachers there and they are not qualified to teach. IV. Sources of Information
Series of meet ups and interview have been done to collect information and by administering psychological tests. Observation while interviewing the client. Observing the way he speaks and his non-verbal language. The psychological tests are: Emotional Profile Index, Sack’s Sentence Completion Test and 16 Personality Factor.
During the interview he is open in answering my every question it’s just that in some questions that I ask he always says that whatever he answers her mother should not know about it. Some of my questions he answers it with a sarcastic tone.
While answering the psychological tests given he did take his time. For Sack’s Sentence Completion Test it took him 45 minutes in answering. In 16PF it took him 40 minutes in answering. In Emotional Profile Index it took him 30 minutes in answering. But he answered every test attentively and asks frequently about the meaning of some words. After answering the tests he immediately wanted to know the result of every test. He is also curious as to what is his personality. V. Background of the Study
KP was born in August 21. 1993 as the youngest child among the three siblings. There are big age gap in their ages. He was raised by his mother together with her grandchild, so there are two of them that she is taking care of. He is considered to be a Miracle Baby because his mother gave birth to him at the age of 45. As a child he was adventurous and would really like to explore a lot of things. He would question everything in his surroundings that’s how curious he is according to his father. He was also hard-headed and would do things on his own. His father is now retired but is now engage in a business. His mother is a full-time housewife.
When he entered high school it was evident that he was susceptible of peer pressure. As he entered college, his first course was nursing because that’s what his mother wants but he then shift to tourism management and there he met a few bad influence in his life. That was the start of his going home late at night and drunk. After 2 years he stopped schooling because of an argument in his family he then elope somewhere and after 3 days of looking for him and saying he’s sorry for what he did he returned home. He decided then to look for a job. He got accepted in a call center where he worked for seven months. He resigned because he’s going to continue his studies. In his new school he started all over again as in back to basics, back to first Year College. VI. Progress of the case…...

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