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Purpose Driven Life Summary

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Book Report On “The Purpose Driven Life”
In life, we often ask ourselves trivial questions such as “What should I wear to that party?” but the most important question we must ask ourselves is ‘What is God’s purpose for my life?”. The “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren aids us in finding the answer. This book is based on five principles that Warren expounds on which are used as stepping stones in finding our purpose.
The first section of the book focuses on the question “What am I here for?”. People frequently fail to realize that God is not living for us but rather we are living for God. This indicates that we ought not to figure out our purpose for ourselves but ask God to show us his purpose for our lives. The bible states everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. We don’t genuinely start living until we figure out God’s purpose for us. Moreover, humans are very self-conscious creatures; we often think “my nose is too big:” or “my lips are too small”. We repeatedly forget that God has custom made us. We are original Designs! We are NOT accidents! God loves us so much that he made us in His image.
Hope is the seed which grows into having a purpose. When a person has found their purpose life becomes ten times easier. Without a purpose people take on more tasks than they can handle. This results in a life filled with stress. In the book “A life without purpose is worse than death” is often mentioned. This emphasizes how important it is to live a purpose driven life. Purpose focuses our lives, adds motivation to our lives and also prepares us for life in heaven. The choice is ultimately ours as to where we want to spend eternity. Once we live our lives in accordance to God’s word we would go to heaven. Do the opposite and hell is our destination.
Living on this earth is not easy but we must strive to make God happy throughout our lifespan. The…...

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