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Quiz Unit 7

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Quiz 3:

1. What is a question answered by a Claim of Fact?

a. True or False? b. Did it happen? Does it exist? (Correct answer) c. What should we do about it? d. How?

2. What is a question answered by a Claim of Cause?

a. Why? b. Why not? c. What caused it? What are its effects? (Correct answer) d. Is it good or bad?

3. What is a question answered by a Claim of Definition?

a. What if? b. What is it? How should we define it? (Correct answer) c. Did it happen? d. Does it exist?

4. Would an essay on gun control be a _________________?

a. Claim of fact? b. Claim of cause? c. Claim of value? (Correct answer) d. Claim of policy? (Could be)

5. Would the sharing of U.S. information (Wikileaks) be a __________________?

a. Claim of fact? b. Claim of cause? c. Claim of policy? (Correct answer) d. Claim of value? (Could be)

6. What are the (3) parts present in any argument?

a. How, what and where? b. To be or not to be? c. Claim, Support and Warrants (Correct answer) d. Ideas, facts

7. The Greek words used to refer to the “proofs” are:

a. Roman Empire b. Toga Party c. Logos (logic) Ethos (credibility) Pathos (emotion) d. Aristotle, Atheros

8. What is Argument from Cause?

a. Blames the author or writer b. Strips down the actual thesis c. Is the effect of Ethos d. Places the subject in a cause-and-effect relationship, to show that it is either (the cause) of an effect or (the effect) of a cause. (Correct answer)

9. What is Argument of Authority?

a. You need a PHD Degree to write it. b. It speaks from certain valid experience, and or a group with valid experience. (Correct answer) c. Written by an…...

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