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According to ‘Dr. Campinha-Bacote (2002)’ there are five essential factors Nurses need to know. They are ‘awareness, skill, knowledge, encounters and desire’ (2002). These are the five key factors that would enhance better health care system. The readiness and commitment of the nurses to be to different cultural groups, to inculcate their special traits and belief system and to equip with new skills and methods are very important in the new holistic health care system. A total personal commitment is always required. Another point is that of understanding cultural knowledge of the patients which help the Nurses to render better care and treatment solutions. The Nurse should have the cultural competency before she deal with patient from particular ethnic group. A better knowledge of the culture, race, view, traditions and expectation of the patient will help the Nurse to render a better care . Some Patients come from families, societies, that have different belief traditions, and we need to respect them.
Culturally competent care consists of behavior, attitudes and skills to provide safe patient care to diverse patient population. Nurses need to be flexible and skillful to provide culturally competent care. Continuous learning is the only way to become culturally competent in healthcare business. According to ANA (American Nurses association) nurses need to have knowledge about cultural diversity. Cultural diversity affects both the patients as well as healthcare providers. Cultural diversity also affects the how the healthcare is delivered by healthcare providers. The Joint commission recommends that every patient has a right to be treated with respect and patients’ cultural beliefs and values must be incorporated in planning patient care. By knowing patient’s beliefs and values will help to provide appropriate care and will encourage patient…...

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