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Real Time Analytics

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* Why Big Data analytics is important?
Big data is a term that refers to data sets or combinations of data sets whose size (volume), complexity (variability), and rate of growth (velocity) make them difficult to be captured, managed, processed by conventional technologies and tools, within certain time period to make them useful.
Big data is vital in fact that when huge information is successfully and effectively caught, prepared organizations can pick up a more finish comprehension of their business, clients, items, contenders, and so on. This can prompt effectiveness enhancements, expanded deals, lower costs, better client benefit, or enhanced items and administrations.
Following are some of the examples of big data in different fields:
 Utilizing information technology (IT) logs to enhance IT investigating and security rupture discovery, pace, viability, and future event avoidance.
 Use of voluminous call focus data all the more rapidly, keeps in mind the end goal to enhance client association and fulfilment.
Use of online networking content keeping in mind the end goal to better and more rapidly client feeling about you/your clients, and enhance items, administrations, and client association.
Fraud detection and prevention in any industry that procedures budgetary exchanges on-line, for example, shopping, keeping money, contributing, protection and medicinal services claims.
 Use of money related business sector exchange data to all the more rapidly evaluate hazard and make remedial move.

Discuss some of the main data sources for Big Data. * Web sites * Social media * Machine generated * RFID * Image, video, and audio * GPS *

* Discuss some of the drivers and enablers of Big Data. * There are basically three types of drivers of big data: * Technical drivers * Data gathered and put away keeps…...

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