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Reasons Foe Internet Access

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Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of censorship in the society.

Merewalesi Liwaiono
Tuesday & Thursday group 20
Alice Rore
30th August 2013


Title: Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of censorship in the society.
C- Censorship
L- Benefits, Drawbacks, society
D- Evaluate

Type: Discussion Essay
Context- Policies
Subject- Censorship
Limitation subject- Benefits and Disadvantages of Censorship…/.
What are the pros and cons of censorship for the society?
This essay will discuss the pros and cons of censorship for a society.

Body: Disadvantages

Disadvantage one: Resists questioning of conventional idea and it is costly.
Detail: Convectional ideas are not questioned such as healthy oppositions based on sound valid premises and it is costly as it takes a lot of time and resources to implement the censorship activity in place.
e.g.: when people compare the old times with the current era they find a lot of changes and have resources as to why it is happening thus do not question its existence.

Disadvantage two: works against human rights
Detail: teachers being banned to punish students.
e.g.: empowering student, Lack of respect, As a result, exam result a bad…..
Disadvantage three: Freedom of speech is compromised.
Detail: Limitation on freedom of speech. When people put limits on what is not okay to express it. This sets up a slight slope where people’s right to freedom of speech will be limited and controlled more severally.
e.g.: the current situation in Fiji whereby people have less or no freedom of speech due to the military government.

However, there can also be benefits of censorship for a society. Some people agree strongly with the need for censorship that they argue it protects societies. Firstly, Censorship of…...

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