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Recent It Developments

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Recent IT developmentsHardware | | Type | Summary-Description (what is it) | Examples of Recent Developments (eg new models, recent changes or new versions) | Images | Computer Platforms | PC | A PC, also known as personal computer, a typical PC includes a system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. PC's allow us to write papers, create spreadsheets and play games, all with the help of software as well as the hardware. | HPENVY 23-d180ea Touch Smart 23" Touchscreen All-in-One PC | | | Apple MAC | The Macintosh or Mac, are a series of personal computers designed by Apple inc. It is targeted at the home, education and creative professionals market. | iMac | | | Tablet PC (eg iPad, Galaxy) | A tablet is a mobile computer with display, circuitry and battery all in one place. Tablets are normally touch screen, meaning we can interact with the screen with our fingers, or some can be used with a stylus (pen) | IPad Mini | | Communication Technologies | smart phones | A smart phone is a type of phone that basically exceeds the limit of a regular cellular phone. Some of the components of a smart phone include, the ability to send and receive emails, the ability download applications such as personal and business finance managers, or just games. Another important factor is that basically all smartphones have the capability to connect to the internet. | iPhone 5c | | | Bluetooth | Bluetooth is a wireless technology for passing data over short distances. Bluetooth can be found in phones, cameras and computers. It can be used to send music and photos between one another. | | | | Wi-Fi | Wi fi is a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high speed internet. Wireless is a short for "wireless fidelity" | | | | 3G/4G | 3G refers to the "third generation" of cell phone technologies. 3G devices provide…...

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