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Relationship Betweeen the Individual and the Community

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How does George Eliot represent the relationship between the individual and community in Silas Marner?

George Eliot represents the relationship between the individual and the community in the novel Silas Marner (1861). Written in the Victorian era, Eliot sets this novel within the Regency era, early 19th century. This period was characterized by the influence of the French revolution, crowning of the Prince Regent after the confirmed insanity of King George III and rise of meritocracy opposed to aristocracy through service in the military. Eliot empathizes with the poorer people in rural areas and scrutinizes the Aristocracy seen through the gentry. She depicts the transformation of the roles of women and beginnings of industrialization. Relationships between the individual and community is shown through the characters of Silas; how he integrates into society, the character of Dolly; who depicts the role of women in the community and through reaching out to silas and finally through the location; The Rainbow in bringing the community together as a place for rest after work and to help people in crisis.

The connection between the individual and the community is seen through the character of Silas and his transformation from being a recluse to an active member in society. Silas is a solitary figure who self excludes himself from the community of Raveloe due to his past experiences in Lantern Yard. This had extremely detrimental effects on Silas and as a result he becomes a suspicious, antisocial figure, which the villagers treat with caution as they try to integrate him into society. This reflects the Regency era through the embodiment of the unknown such as the beginnings of the industrial revolution. People during this time suspected weavers worked with the devil and were suspicious of how their work situations were changing. This is shown in the lines “There…...

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