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q) Define Metaphysical poetry

answer) Metaphysical poetry is a form of poetry that has its roots in the 17th century England. The term Metaphysical poets was coined by the 18th century poet Samuel Johnson to describe a loose group of English poets of the 17th century, who were not affiliated with each other in any way. These poets were generally interested in metaphysical issues and even though they never read or saw each others works but all of them had a common method of examining these issues, hence a common ground in regards to the theme or topic of their work . In simple terms, the term Metaphysics is comprised of two words: meta and physics, Meta means beyond and physical means physical nature. Thus, Metaphysical poetry means poetry that goes beyond the physical world of the senses and explores the spiritual world. Poetry which deals with correlation between the real world and the after-world, concrete and abstract, soul and being, as well as reality and perception using philosophical methodology is called Metaphysical Poetry."
The work of metaphysical poets was characterized by wit and the innovative use of metaphors, known as Metaphysical Conceits (elaborate and far fetched comparisons of two dissimailar things which have very little in common) and by speculation about topics such as love, life, god, religion and afterlife. The use of conceit in this form of poetry was made to develop a comparison which is exceedingly unlikely but is nonetheless intellectually imaginative and due to their unlikeliness, conceits added the element of surprise and interest in the poem. These poems lay stress on the belief that the logical aspect of mind rules the emotional aspect :signified by sarcasm, irony and extraordinary comparisons of unlike features and objects.
The changing times, the Renaissance and discovery of new sciences had a significant influence on…...

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