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Res/320 Research Paper

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Research Report and Presentation

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September 11rd, 2012
Amy Holland

I. Employee satisfaction II. Introduction III. Statement of the problem IV. Literature Review A. Sampling Plans 1. Survey Method 2. Qualitative Method 3. Quantitative Method B. General Information 1. Research Design 2. Mythology C. Who does it affect 1. Expected Results 2. Reports
IIII. Conclusion and Recommendations

Introduction Employees of all incomes brackets and age groups continue to become less and less satisfied at work. Employee satisfaction means different things to different people. For example, an employees’ motivation can range from basic pay to survive, to contributors that work for the satisfaction of contributing to the greater good (Thompson, (2004). Research indicates that satisfied employees are more likely to stay with his or her employers (Heathfield, 2012). According to this survey 82% of the employees at this hospital indicated overall satisfaction with his or her position with 35% reporting he or she was very satisfied. More surprising 62% said that the current job market did not play a role in his or her job satisfaction. Hospitals have a well-balanced diversity of people and levels of working roles. In process for any giving organization to make sound decisions within the company, it is beneficial to display effective employee satisfaction. This paper will cover the value of employee satisfaction and the proper ways that it should be displayed effectively with this work environment. It is vitally important to know which factors affect employee satisfaction the most. The articles…...

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