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In two or three paragraphs describe how you plan to narrow the focus of your research in order to select the most useful and compelling resources. What techniques (critical, methodological, etc.) or tools (databases, bibliographies, etc.) will you use? And how will you collect and organize your information (note cards, book marks, etc.)?
I plan on narrowing the focus of my research by using the Ashford University library, and also my local library as well. I also plan on searching newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias, that have discuss this type of topic in the past. I also plan on looking up my topic with creditable interest sites. I think if I use all the above resources for my topic (Is privacy in the 21st century possible) they will be useful in my upcoming research assignment.
The techniques I plan on using is the critical thinking as well as methodology. I think with both of these techniques they will be helpful in my research and thinking skills.
I plan on making notes with index cards as I do my researches and resources. I also plan on highlighting important information in magazines and book. As I research information from Ashford library, I plan on printing the information out and writing down notes in a journal, as well as logging down dates, times, and citations from bibliographies and databases.

Reyes, Y.A. (2012, November14).
Document Sharing/Guidance for writing the Research paper. Rtrieved September 12, 2013 from Ashford University:http://classroom.ashford. edu/re/dotnext.launch.asp.

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