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Restructuring to Improve Efficiency

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Restructuring to Increase Efficiency
Tom Harper
May 26, 2014
Connie Woods

Restructuring to Increase Efficiency
In healthcare, the utilization of call centers to assist in triaging patient calls have become more advanced and serviced over time. These centers triage calls such as medication refills, appointment scheduling, emergency medical questions and advice, and simple insurance related questions. The calls in our facility have increased due to the increasing number of patients merging into our facility and clinics. With the current struggle of budgeting and providing sufficient patient care, our department must implement new policies, procedures, and protocols in order to meet the growing demand. With a budget set for the current fiscal year, our department lacks the financial resources needed to hire additional staff, which makes the task even more difficult to address. The leaders from other facilities, corporations, and departments must come together and share options that work well for them and others that have failed in the past. Utilizing other industries will give our facility a greater view of the platform that it can move on. Throughout the next few months, it is upon the leadership and staff to accommodate to the changes and team structures that are unveiled to address the concerning and continued issue regarding patient care.
In all aspects of healthcare, teamwork is essential to provide the care to all patients that should report to our facility. This is the same responsibility in a call center that assists and has direct patient interaction. Whether you are seeing a patient face to face, or on the telephone, the same principles are adhered to. Teams in healthcare provide valuable patient care with fewer mistakes than individuals on their own. This is even more important and respected when each member of the team knows their own…...

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