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Revlon Incorporated

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MBA Principles of Marketing

Viewpoint: CEO David Kennedy

Time Context: 2007

I. Statement of the Problem:
How will Revlon recover from its financial loss?

II. Statement of the Objectives:

a. To identify the most efficient way to market the products.
b. Improve the sales

III. Areas of Considerations

Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
1. First international color cosmetics brand to be launched worldwide
2. Formed a collaboration with many firms which helped expand in India
3. Endorsed by popular artists in USA
4. Good quality products
5. A global brand name with association with many international celebrities 1. Many players in the market restrict market share
2. Brand penetration is mostly in the cities 1. Non-traditional promotional activities
2. Collaborate for the networking based model in India which might help increase reach in India • 1. Lots of local competitors
2. Changing preferences of customers

IV. Assumption

• They have been erroneously allotting big amount of money for the advertising expense.
• They should modify the strategic marketing that they have.
• Since they are already a established brand in the market. They should be able to penetrate all levels.
• They have allotted a big amount for their social responsibility.

V. Alternative Course of Action:

1. Cut down the amount allotted for their social responsibility.
2. Cut down the cost of their advertising expense.

VI. Analysis

1. Review current company policies regarding Human Resources Management (this includes Job Descriptions, Quotas, and Benefits etc. and subject lead men, bay supervisors and employees into 5-day seminar/ training.
Advantages Disadvantages
• The lead men and bay supervisors will have a knowledge and skill to handle their people more…...

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