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English 101
Should everyone go to college? 1. This text originally appeared from a professor named Mike Rose, whose latest book, “Back to school : Why does everyone deserve a Second Chance.” 2. The genre of this text is informal and persuasive because Mike Rose rhetorical purpose is to explain that its positives and negatives to going to college. He expresses that going to college will make you more money than just an average person with a high school diploma. He also tells the audience that the more degrees you have the better. You will most likely make more money if you have multiple degrees. 3. The concept that the author is trying to get everyone to understand is college isn’t for everyone. If you know exactly what you’re going to do going into college that’s great. Most students don’t know what they will do after school so they go to college to explore different options. Students also waste money on school because they major in things they will never use in the real world this is why college isn’t for everyone. Some students are locked in certain careers that will lead them to a job after college. Other students aren’t which is ok, but they don’t need to waste money on school if they aren’t going to further their education on what they will do after school is over. 4. The author is trying to tell that college isn’t for everyone. You need to have an intended purpose to go to college or you can have the risk of wasting money and going into debt. A traditional two or four year institution will not be the right choice for everyone. Some student might need to go to school for a intended purpose like automobile, technology, and many more career schools. The author also tells us that in this day having a degree does help boost your income, but if you have a degree in something that doesn’t relate to a career, what’s the…...

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