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Rise of Big Business

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In article The Big Business and Organization labor it explains the growth and expansion of early America’s economy after the Civil War, how the rise and fall of the different labor organizations shaped America, and how the local and regional economies coming together was a key factor in forming a more mature national market. This article is a type of document called a report. The reason for this is because it contains factual content and informs the reader of important historical events of early America. The local and regional economies’ coming together was a key development in revolutionizing Americas industry for many reasons. One reason was that the demand for supplies of railroad networks, telegraph systems, and other innovations increased. This enabled entrepreneurs to manufacture products for distribution across the country. Business leaders like J.P. Morgan, Jay Gould, Daniel Drew, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie, there businesses created new jobs and they contributed into helping improve the general welfare of their communities. The rise and fall of the different labor organizations shaped not only early America but also the America we live into today. For example, the Knights of Labor set the foundation for 8 hour working days. Another example is Samuel Gompers who was the founder of American Federation of Labor(AFL) embraced the strike as the unions most effective weapon in wrenching concessions from recalcitrant corporate leaders. These two examples are an important factor because they are stilled used in America today. This type of document is called a report. One reason is that this document contains factual content. For example, It contains the exact year and name of the first national union founded during this time period in America; the article The Big Business and Organization labor it states: “The first major national union, the…...

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