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Risk Management of London 2012 Olympics

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Olympics are mega-global event that attracts the attention worldwide with billions of audience watching on television, while millions flock to events as spectators. The media embraces the opportunity of covering every inch of the games. This kind of interest is what organisers face with no room for error in relation to external attacks or system failures of the event although risks are bound to occur to any project or program as in the case of Olympics. These risks may occur with a positive impact to the organisers though they dread to have negative risks, which causes ripple effect to the project. (Taylor, 2006)

Getting everything right from the opening ceremony to closing ceremony, games schedules against venues, calls for a proper risk assessment to avoid any criticism. However, risks are such uncertain occurrences of events or condition to anticipate from the moment of the initial planning stages of bidding to host the Olympics Games. (Bartlett, 2004)


In 1972 Summer Olympics, Germany was the host nation of the games but unfortunately, terrorists struck and caused death to athletes. (Toohey and Veal, 2007)

Figure 1:
Source: The Sun publication

Unlike the Munich massacre that involved the killing of athletes, a pipe bomb detonated at the Olympic village in Centennial Park in Atlanta, America-killing one woman and injuring over hundred people (Hails, 2008).
Olympic Village at Centennial Park was just a walk in for anyone who cared to go and pastime at any time. This was, in some way, an exposure to the high risk of the attack. Organisers of such games face challenges to monitor and report risks in real time without compromising the games. (Jennings, 2012) Olympic Games are a success if people are not subject to stop and search. This puts organisers at…...

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