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HTC’s CEO has asked you to help him by preparing an analysis that addresses the following:

1. Identifies and analyzes the industry and competitive environment of the mobile phone industry based on information contained in the case: HTC Corp. in 2009 including key industry and environmental trends, competitive and structural characteristics of the mobile phone industry. 2. Your assessment of the key challenges HTC faces in trying to achieve a sustainable model and long-term success in the industry? 3. Your assessment of the competitive and strategic position of HTC Corp. at the time of the case information. 4. Your assessment/identification of any major changes in the competitive situation for HTC from the perspective of the fall of 2011 that he should bring to the board’s attention based on current information available publicly.

Question 1) Identifies and analyzes the industry and competitive environment of the mobile phone industry based on information contained in the case: HTC Corp. in 2009 including key industry and environmental trends, competitive and structural characteristics of the mobile phone industry.
Answer 1)
HTC is basically a very young high tech company, initially dealt with PDA’s and computers. But in the recent years HTC has emerged as a smartphone firm which has received strong appreciation for the design and high tech products. It has been known for interoperate the Windows OS into the mobile phone devices which sparked the revolution towards the “SMARTPHONE” industry. HTC received strong appreciation because of this strategy.

To understand the industry, we need to know the participants involved in the industry. Smartphone industry has the following key participants.

* Suppliers * Buyers * Mobile phone manufacturers

These are the firms which provide the hardware, software and other raw…...

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