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Role of Ngos in Bangladesh

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Role of NGOs in Bangladesh

In all spheres of development, NGOs are reported to have created a landmark in the history of Bangladesh. NGOs as the proper alternative organizations have the vision of imagination, flexibility, autonomy, creativity, innovative machinery, experience resources and strategies of executing programmers including non formal constructive education. NGOs have different projects towards development. Doubtlessly to say, the NGOs with their constructive efforts have been promoting development strategies by creating unique changes in the field of socioeconomic progress in Bangladesh since her independence. Most of the endeavors made by the NGOs mainly targeted to achieve overall development of the country by meeting pragmatically or practically.
The NGOs have their constructive mission in developing the country. They touch the fundamental elements of socio economic development of a country. If human resources are not properly used, it will be gradual inactive and useless for the country bringing no utility.
The most important NGO innovation has been in the way they reach the poor. A group-based or target group mobilization strategy underpins virtually all development NGO programs aimed at service-delivery. Such an approach serves to fulfill not only the goal of economic improvement through direct targeting and beneficiary participation, but also that of social and institutional development through strengthening the organizing capacity of the poor to be more able to help them.
The identification of credit as a critical need felt by the poor and subsequent designing of an efficient and cost-effective delivery mechanism to serve this need, have justifiably become the most will-known of the development NGO innovations in Bangladesh. The model pioneered by Grameen Bank (GB) has established micro-credit as the most widely replicated anti-poverty program in both government and development NGO sectors.
The role of the development NGOs has been crucial in a number of primary healthcare concerns, notably immunization and diarrhea control. NGOs have been particularly successful in effectively disseminating health through innovative media campaigns. Gains in immunization are already being reflected in reduced infant mortality. Universal awareness of oral dehydration therapy has also sharply cut down cases of diarrhoeal deaths.
Low enrollment and high drop-out rates have been major problems that plague primary schools in Bangladesh. In response to this the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee(BRAC) pioneered a system of model is focused on poor children. It employs young Para-professional teachers (mostly female) drawn from the community. A strong emphasis is placed on parent and community involvement.
Some NGOs undertake unique programs of technology transfer. Declining soil fertility is an emerging environmental concern. About eight NGOs are currently involved in ground-breaking farm-level innovations in fertilizer-use and pest-management. These activities are complemented are developing an extension system for appropriate technology transfer to homestead agriculture. It encourages cultivation of a variety of fruits and vegetables and teaches the proper method of cooling. The result not only provides income but also improves the nutritional status of the family, particularly children.
During the seventies and early eighties, irrigation led agriculture was promoted by the government agencies. Small farmers with an acre or less of land could not afford irrigation technology. In response to the need of the small and marginal farmers and also to promote crop diversification, NGOs developed low-cost irrigation technologies through research and experiment.…...

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