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Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Life Long Learning Ptlls

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Roles responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning

What is the teacher/training cycle? This is a cycle that can be followed by both the learner and the teacher. It can be joined at any stage within the cycle due to its perpetual nature, but is only effective if all of the points of the process are followed through.

The points of the cycle are: * Identifying needs * Planning and design * Facilitating * Assessing * Evaluating

Identifying needs

This is the stage where initial assessment should be carried out .This will inform us of the needs of the individual learner. For example: what is their learning style? Is it auditory, visual, or kinaesthetic, or even a combination of them all? Is there some kind of learning disability, ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, dyslexia or dyscalculia? Or any other form of disability. Some other information regarding their home life can be invaluable, are they a parent? are they in care?, are they a carer for another family member?, are their parents at home?. Or even are they on bail or awaiting some kind of prosecution?
All of this information will affect the way that we view the learner. What level is the learner working at, or is capable of? Are they able to succeed or will additional support need to be arranged? What environment will best facilitate the delivery of the teaching? And is the organisation that provides the learning able to offer this fully or will outside agencies need to be contacted?
Planning and design
This is where a deal of real work begins. A syllabus length will have to be decided. How will the group be timetabled? Will the funding be in place to deliver the contents of the course? Once this information has been collected then we need to organise and confirm a suitable environment for the course, acquire learning media, resources and equipment. Then, to…...

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