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Routine Messages

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Name: Sultan Ahmad Zarif
Instructor: Christopher Henderson
Course: Managerial Communication (Management 540)
Section: 002
Date: January 2, 2014

Routine Messages

1. Inquiry Letter 2. Instruction E-Mail or Memo: New Process for Purchase Requests 3. Claim Refusal Letter 4. Request Refusal Letter 5. Persuasive Favor/Action Request: Borrowing Suits for Interviews 6. Sales Message: Adapting From Low Context to High Context Culture

Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan

44 Ansari Square, ICA Building, Shahre Now, Kabul, Afghanistan, Phone: (+93 – 700) 111 111 1. INQUIRY LETTER

December 18, 2013

Mr. Sameer Ahmadi, Manager
The Hotel Beauville
Walayat Street, A1, Herat, Afghanistan

Dear Mr. Ahmadi

This is to find out about the availability of accommodation and Conference room facilities in your hotel for a night and for an approximate number of 25 ICA employees in January this year.
Reviewing the Yellow pages and your advertisements via TV, we believe your hotel is one of the best hotels available in Herat with respect to its excellent services and facilities. Our company has decided to organize a meeting for its employees based in Herat region. Therefore, we have decided to enquire about your hotel’s packages, charges and facilities.
We shall require the following facilities at your hotel: * 25 single rooms with good view * Conference room arranged for 25 people * Screen and power point slideshow equipment * Stationery (Pen, pencils, notebooks, flipcharts) required for 25 people * Hotel taxi facilities including pick and drop from and to Herat Airport (For ICA employees traveling from Kabul) as well as their costs * Total cost for The Hotel Beauville for a night stay including hotel rooms and conference room facilities
I am seeking quotations to choose the best that suits our requirements for our meeting…...

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