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A New Disorder: Internet Addiction
The Internet has become an essential factor in all aspects of people’s lives. Governments and companies around the world rely on the Internet in most of their work. Employees often use the Internet for their jobs. Most education systems make the Internet a basic standard of their teaching procedure. Students use the Internet to do their assignments or to search for information that could help them. Generally the Internet is a daily basis for most individuals. Therefore, a new phenomenon has emerged recent years. Those who overuse the Internet can be addicted, the same as alcoholics and drug addicts. Commonly, they probably spend 40-80 hours/weakly (Young; par. 7). This addiction can be to pornography, gambling, chatting and social network websites or any other interest that could keep a person online for a long time. Although some scientists believe that Internet addiction disorder is not real because people can be taught and trained how to use the Internet sensibly, psychologists, parents and teachers should consider that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder because the Internet leads to health problems, impacts addicts’ personal lives, and causes similar symptoms to other addictions.
Some of the main issues about the Internet are its neurological, psychological and physical effects. Brains cells are the most essential cells in the whole body because they control most of a person’s activities. According to Alice G. Walton, PhD in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, Internet addicts have noticeable alterations in the connections between the brain cells themselves and in the areas that handle concentration, decision-making and emotions (par. 3).They might have problems with focusing and controlling feelings which could push them to have unstable behavior. Moreover, because using the Internet does not require any physical activity, addicts are more likely to have obesity. Obviously, using the Internet does not demand any physical exercise, and it actually replaces time that would be spent being more active, so that any pastime or occupation that supports too much sitting would very possibly foster obesity. (Berkel et al 2005, Rey-López et al 2007, cited in Matusitz and McCormick 253; par. 9). That shows how overusing the Internet would lead to overweight. Furthermore, people who spend an enormous amount of time online experience physical problems. Sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time will cause addicts to have pain in several parts of their bodies (Roberts; par. 32). Thus, having neurological, psychological and physical issues confirms that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder.
Internet addiction disorder becomes most noticeable when it reaches addicts’ personal lives. Students who overuse the Internet might face hardships during their student life. Chou, Condron and Belland claim that, regarding their addiction, “Students may also experience profound academic problems, eventually resulting in poor grades, academic probation, and even expulsion from universities” (369; par. 16). For example, when students neglect their assignments in order to spend more time on the Internet, they may have difficulties in their studies which could result in lower marks or failing the course. In addition, Krautet al. point out that youth and children who spend too much time on the Internet are turning out to be alone and face hardships in personal connections (1998, cited in Ayas and Horzum 284; par. 9). Users might face a problem in socializing with others because they become lonelier due to the excessive time that they spend online, especially young people. Moreover, Internet addiction would be noticed when addicts have trouble with their sleeping patterns. In an interview with Current Events, Alexander, a teenaged student, explains that he was spending 16-17 hours during a day on the Internet, and he usually slept on the keyboard (qtd in Caught in the Web; par. 3). The lack of adequate daily sleep would impact users’ ability to carry out their responsibilities. As a result, addicts’ personal lives would be affected due to too much online time.
As well as health issues and effects on personal lives, Internet addiction has a similar diagnosis to other addictions. Being addicted to a particular thing might make the addict feel pleasant at first, but in the end, it could turn into having similar signs or symptoms to other addictions. Usually individuals who spend too much time on the Internet have similar behavior to other types of addicts. Young explains that it is likely for people who are in trouble from overusing the Internet to suffer in the same way as people who are addicted to betting, intoxicating drinks, and substance abuse (1996, cited. in Shapira et al 209; par. 9). Having the same behavior as other addictions confirms that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder. Also, Internet addiction impacts users’ lives negatively similar to other addictions. Murali and Onuba mention that people who overuse the Internet have been observed to have symptoms just like other addicts, such as needing more in order to get the same effect, a strong desire to have it, and discomfort when they stop using it; this would have negative consequences on their lives, and would affect people around them (par. 1). This illustrates that using the Internet excessively may impact users’ lives in the same way as other addictions. Furthermore, the reasons that force people to become different types of addicts are often the same. According to the American Psychiatric Association, many addicts use the Internet for the same reasons that other addicts use other substances: they use to it stay high and to escape or enhance their mood (cited. in Walton; par. 2). As a result, Internet addiction affects its users in the same manner as other addictions.
It has been argued by some scientists that it is not possible to have an Internet addiction disorder because people can learn how to use the Internet sensibly. People who have been taught how to deal with the Internet reasonably could benefit enormously by using it for business or leisure (Stephen; par. 11). However, the idea of teaching people to use the Internet sensibly is not practical because the Internet has already become a basic tool for education, entertainment and communication, which means the Internet reaches every aspect of people’s lives. As a result, the number of users is going to increase rapidly. According to the government of China, 40 million adolescents use the Internet, and 10 % of them are addicted (cited. in Caught in the Web; par 10). The rise in the number of people who are addicted to the Internet shows that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder. Additionally, Internet addiction treatment centers are being expanded. Kim mentions that in South Korea, the government has created over 150 treatment centers in order to counsel people with Internet addiction and offer therapy schemes at around 100 hospitals (2008, cited. in King et al., 1191; par. 19). Internet addiction is a serious case and cannot be treated by simple steps. To repeat, the increasing number of addicts and treatment centers illuminate that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder.
In conclusion, many people are suffering from being addicted to the Internet which makes Internet addiction disorder an obvious disease. This disorder can have similar diagnoses to other addictions, can affect the personal lives of people who overuse the Internet, and can be a significant reason for several health problems. Using the Internet for long periods of time might lead to obesity and other physical and psychological issues. Furthermore, students’ performance could be at its worst level if they spend too much time online. Having difficulties with personal connections and sleeping disorders are other effects that addicts can experience in their personal lives. Most addictions have symptoms in common which Internet addiction has, too. Therefore, overusing the Internet should be considered a real disorder. Once people accept that it is possible to have an Internet addiction disorder, they can go to the right place for treatment.…...

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