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"Running Head"Unique Blends Volunteer Learning Center

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Running Head
Unique Blends Volunteer Learning Center
Derrick S.
The community is our people; those people are our friends and neighbors, our friends and neighbors make up the world. So what could make the community better? Studies show volunteerism helps to change people’s lives, makes you feel better about your contribution; whether that be financially or with your time, and help promote a better quality of life for others.

There are many ways to volunteer your services; you could read to children in a hospital, donate financially to an organization, provide meals to the sick or elderly, mentor a child/children, help organize or attend events to raise money, donate or distribute toys during the holidays, or even assist in building a home for a family. Whatever you’re doing to volunteer, you are making the community that much better and it will show throughout.

So what am I contributing to the community? I am working with my company to assist lower income families with the opportunity to advance themselves through technology. I am empowering them to learn how to use a computer, become proficient in using systems/applications, and building their confidence so they can have the potential to become whatever they want to be.
How am I doing this? I am doing this by sponsorship, I am reaching out to the community for assistance, I am spreading the word that we can all have the opportunity to provide a better life for a child and with this program, we are doing just that.
We are able to provide for families the most up to date systems, allowing them the chance for children and adults to be up to date on technology, so they can seek advancement, understand and learn from programs out there, complete homework assignments and become more confident in their ability to solve problems, utilize search options and keep them…...

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