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We are making a quick detour between Brown Mirepoix and Brown Chicken Stock to describe another “enhancement” for Stocks, Broths, Soups, etc., so that we describe and cover a Sachetd’Epices before calling for one in the next exercise (Brown Chicken Stock).
A Sachet d’Epices is an “old school” concept and term for a collection of Aromatics wrapped in a makeshift “bag” of Cheesecloth tied with Butcher’s Twine. Like a Bouquet Garni, a Sachetd’Epices is an “Enhancement” used to add flavor to a Stock, Soup or Sauce. In French, the term means literally “bag of spices,” and a Sachet d’Epices traditionally contain Bay Leaves, Parsley Stems, Black Peppercorns and optionally Garlic cloves and fresh Thyme. These days, few limit themselves to the traditional ingredients and fewer still worry about the literal definition being limited to Spices. Other Aromatics, including Herbs and sometimes pungent vegetables (Shallots, Leeks, Onions, etc.) can be used in a Sachet just as well as Spices.
Because the traditional ingredients are so similar to those in a Bouquet Garni, and because they are both bound by Butcher’s Twine, many experts, and so-called experts, will argue about what distinguishes a Sachet d’Epices from a Bouquet Garni. We try to be a bit more flexible and practical about such things. For us at Smart Kitchen, the important operative distinction comes from the names themselves. A Sachet d’Epices has to have a bag/sachet. A Bouquet Garni must be a bouquet of herbs/spices/pungent vegetables.
Practically, we also find a difference in how and when we use the two. Because it includes a makeshift bag, we find that the Sachet d’Epices is better used to contain and constrain loose leaves and smaller sized pieces of Herbs and Spices. The Bouquet works well for larger stalks, stems and sprigs. Both are good ways to ensure your Aromatics don’t float to the top and get accidentally Skimmed off during the cooking process. Also, both systems make it easier to remove the Aromatics at any time if you feel the liquid has absorbed enough of their flavor.
To prepare a Sachet d’Epices in the Instructional Video, Teaching Chef first assembles his ingredients (Bay Leaves, Parsley Stems, Black Peppercorns and Garlic Cloves) and his equipment (Cutting Board or Work Surface, Cheesecloth, Butcher’s Twine and Scissors). To begin, Teaching Chef lays a piece of Cheesecloth, a few layers thick and folded into a 4 or 5-inch square, onto the Cutting Board. The Cheesecloth is several layers thick because it is made of very open weave material, and a single layer would allow some of the Herbs and Spices to escape.
With the “bag” of the Sachet prepared, Teaching Chef then adds in his aromatic ingredients. He is careful not to add too many Bay Leaves or Peppercorns, because both are quite strong flavors that could throw off the balance of the Stock. In our opinion, roughly 3 Bay Leaves and a teaspoon of Black Peppercorns is enough flavor for approximately 1 gallon of liquid. Of course, you can adjust our rule of thumb to fit your tastes.
Teaching Chef only uses the Parsley Stems for the Sachet since Parsley Leaves could turn the liquid to be flavored an unappealing shade of green. Finally, he includes the optional Garlic Cloves. He could also just as easily add other Herbs or Spices, depending on what flavors he wishes to emphasize in the Stock, Sauce or Soup.
Once the ingredients are all added to the small pile, Teaching Chef folds the Cheesecloth to form a bundle. As he notes, there is no exact method for folding the Cheesecloth. The point is to make the bundle secure enough to keep the ingredients from escaping while the Sachet Simmers in the Stock liquid for several hours. You will note in the Instructional Video he folds the Cheesecloth several times, in order to completely enclose the Aromatics inside.
Teaching Chef then “ties up the parcel” with a length of Butcher’s Twine that he pre-cut before the cameras rolled. In your kitchen, estimate how much twine you will need and cut a piece long enough to wrap the bundle twice, covering all four sides. If you go a little long, you can recover or trim off the excess. If you go short, you may have to start over. Also, some people optionally add a tail of twine to the Sachet that they then drape over the edge of the Stockpot, to make it easy to retrieve the bundle when it should come out of the pot.
With the Sachet rolled and tied, it is ready for use in a later exercise.
In the future, you may want to look into some other sachet options. Some cooking stores and websites sell small, ready-made cotton muslin or Cheesecloth bags with drawstring tops that are called “spice sacks,” “spice bags” or “Bouquet Garni spice bags.” These are convenience items meant lighten your pockets (ever so slightly) by sparing you a fold and a tie by replacing the plain Cheesecloth and Butcher’s Twine we used in the exercise. Aside from the incremental expense, some of these pre-made bags can be a little small for the quantities of Aromatics we may want to include in a recipe. A third alternative, a reusable option in fact, is to use a closable tea strainer to contain the Herbs and Spices if you are short of Cheesecloth and Butcher’s Twine.…...

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