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What is a leadership?
Larry Garfield president of the Garfield Group, defines leadership as follows:” leadership is about three things: To listen, to inspire and to empower. Over the years, I've tried to learn to do a much better job listening actively, making sure I really understand the other person's point of view, learning from them, and using that basis of trust and collaboration to inspire and empower. [It's about] setting the bar high, and then giving them the time and resources to do great work."
From the above statement leadership is the ability to work with other people in an effective manner to reach a set of goals. According to Fieldlers contingency theory the type of leadership style should be carefully chosen depending on the circumstances. The circumstances are defined by three situational elements relationship between affiliates and leaders, task structure, and leader’s positional power. This demonstrates for a leader to be successful, adapting to the situation is greatly vital
Norman Brinker exhibited different leadership styles according to Fielders Contingency Theory, adapting to each of the different situations he found himself in. Having good relationships within the restaurant industry is extremely vital as this ensures the happiness of the customer; he has always had a good relationship with his followers be it his own employees, partners as well as other competing rivals. Even before Brinker international was formed Noman has been able to be part of a successful partnership (Jack-in-the-Box) restaurant being the owner of his own restaurant chain (Steak and Ale and Bennigans), as well as being part of a big corporation (Pillsbury Cooperation). Within the Pillsbury Cooperation he moved from vice president to president, this could only have been achieved good relations. When he finally started his own company (Brinker…...

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