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Saint Francis Solano

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The book, Saint Francis Solano, by Mary F. Windeatt, tells the uplifting story of St. Francis Solano’s life from his decision to become a priest to his last words as wonder-worker of the New World and apostle of Argentina and Peru. Born of a wealthy family, he was capable and well educated. He was also very fortunate to have a happy and holy upbringing into a good and virtuous child. Ever since he was a little boy, he longed to be a priest and a missionary. St. Francis Solano’s great missionary accomplishments were truly shaped by his obedience, intelligence, musical talent and trust in God.

St. Francis Solano was always obedient to his superiors as a young adult and as a priest. When he was a young man, by his superiors’ decision, he completed the whole course at Montilla’s Jesuit College without complaining, even though he wished to become a Franciscan Friar sooner. At the time he was a friar longing to be a missionary in Africa, he was assigned the position of choir master by Father Guardian. Though it wasn’t the job he wanted, he cheerfully did his best and made the best choir the community ever had. Later, as a vigorous Franciscan missionary in Tucuman, Argentina, he was very happy and zealous in converting the Indians. But soon his accomplishments reached the Commissionary General one thousand, four hundred miles away in Lima, who then appointed him to be the Custos of all of Tucuman. Our missionary saint however, disliked being in a position of authority, but out of obedience, he did his new job the best he could. St. Francis showed unconditional obedience, making himself a tool for God’s will and glory.

St. Francis Solano’s musical talent and intellectual abilities advanced him in his missionary work as well as his priestly duties. During his strenuous voyage across the ocean to South America, he used his violin to cheer up all the despairing souls around him, shipwrecked on a strange island. His intellectual abilities helped him learn various Indian dialects quickly so that he could evangelize them more speedily. Now as an aged friar in Lima, he used his violin to attract the small children and taught them the catechism. He even promised to allow the child that best comprehended the lesson to hold the violin and have a quick violin lesson. Carrying a brilliant mind, a violin and his crucifix, St. Francis Solano was an effective and happy missionary, who was able to lift everyone’s spirit with music and teach them the Good News.

St. Francis Solano, through his total trust and submission to God, became in tune with and did God’s will. While being shipwrecked on a mysterious island that was full of poisonous fruits and wild animals, all the sailors were fearful of even going into the jungle. Father Francis prayed that he would be able to find safe and nourishing food. Although he did not know anything about the island, he was able to get adequate food for everyone. Another time Father Francis was with the peaceful Indians in a reduction. While in the middle of Holy Thursday Mass, everyone was startled to hear war drums up in the mountains. Father Francis, trusting that God would keep them safe without fighting the cruel mountain Indians, went out to meet their “brothers” with a crucifix. On his way out, Father Francis told the reduction Indians to pray and hesitantly they did. In the end, the mountains Indians were converted and joined the rest of the people to celebrate Easter. Still yet another time, while he was in Socotonio, the Indians of the reduction decided to leave its territory which had shielded them from the influence of pagan Indians and slave traders. Father Francis was shocked but later was relieved when he learned it was because of a lack of good water. He prayed, set out and found a spring in the reduction, a land never known to have any fresh water wells. Through total trust in God, St. Francis was able to perform miracles to aid God’s children both physically and spiritually.

The book, St. Francis Solano, by Mary F. Windeatt, illustrates the missionary life of St. Francis Solano made perfect through obedience, prudent use of God’s given talents and total trust. His work had directly brought countless souls to Christ. His cheerful spirit and his preaching transformed many hearts in both the Indian reductions and the streets of Lima, Peru. His virtues are still shinning examples and inspirations for all who desire sainthood and heaven today.…...

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