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Salam Istisna

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BANK (S) | SALAM | ISTISNA’ | | MALAYSIA FULL-FLEDGED ISLAMIC BANKS | Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad | Nil | Disclosed in the Notes to the Financial Statements – Financing, Advances and Others | Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad | Nil | Disclosed in the Notes to the Financial Statements – Financing of Customers | | MALAYSIA ISLAMIC BANKING SUBSIDIARIES | Affin Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Only mentioned in the Directors’ Report | Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | AmIslamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | Hong Leong Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | Maybank Islamic Berhad | Nil | Nil | Public Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | RHB Islamic Bank Berhad | Nil | Disclosed in the Notes to the Financial Statements – Financing and Advances | | MALAYSIA FOREIGN COMMERCIAL BANKS – ISLAMIC SUBSIDIARIES | HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad | Nil | Nil | Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad | Nil | Nil | OCBC Al Amin Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | | MALAYSIA FOREIGN ISLAMIC BANKS | Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation Berhad | Nil | Nil | Kuwait Finance House Berhad | Nil | Disclosed in the Notes to the Financial Statements – Financing, Advances and Other Receivables (by contract) | Asian Finance Bank Berhad | Nil | Nil | | BAHRAIN ISLAMIC BANKS | ABC Islamic Bank - Arab Banking Corporation | Nil | Nil | Al Baraka Islamic Bank | Disclosed in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements – Equity of Investment Account Holders, the Group is authorized to invest the funds on the basis of Salam, etc. | * Disclosed in the Executive Managements Report – income from Istisna’ Financing amounting to $0.79 million * Disclosed in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements – Accounting Policies on Istisna’ Receivables * Disclosed in the Notes…...

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...manifestation of Mudarabah is the ‘two-tier Mudarabah’ model. The first tier (liability side) is formed when depositors place their funds with an Islamic financial institution which takes up the role of the mudarib. Mudharabah in fact is the investment deposits in Islamic banks. The bank then invests these deposits with entrepreneurs in the second tier (asset side) when the bank acts as the capital investor. Islamic financial institutions’ profits arise from a percentage of the returns from the second-tier mudarabahs. In practice however, on the deposit side mudarabah is dominant in the form of investment deposits, but on the asset side, 13 instead of muharabah Islamic banks assets are in the form of debt receivables from Murabahah, Istisna’ etc. Musharakah: The meaning of the Arabic word musharakah is derived from the word sharikah meaning partnership. A musharakah contract is very similar to the conventional sense of a partnership arrangement where each party contributes capital in their specific capacity and each partner has management rights in proportion to their investment. However, the share of profit for each partner is determined as a proportion of the final total profit rather than a ratio of capital invested. In the event of a loss, each partner is obliged to lose only the amount invested in the project. Within the premise of Musharakah there are two forms that Islamic financial institutions assume in the equity of companies. Permanent Musharakah: The bank......

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Principles and Practices of Investment Modes of Islamic Banking meant for so. Since hoarding is condemned by Islam and a 2.5 percent annual tax (Zakat) is imposed on savings, the owner of a fund, if he is unable to make real investment, has no option but to invest his savings as a financial investment. Modes of investment followed by Islamic bank are exercised under three principles.   1. Bai-(Buy & Selling) Mechanism 2. Sharing (profit & Loss) Mechanism 3. Ownership Sharing Mechanism                 Modes of investment under three principles can be presented by using chart as follows -   Modes of Investment  |             Bai-Mechanism  | Sharing Mechanism | Ownership Mechanism | a. Bai-Murabah b. Bai-Muazzal c. Bai-Salam d. Bai-Istisna  | a. Mudarabah b. Musharaka | a. Hire purchase under Shirkatul Meelk |               5.6 Bai-Mechanism: 5.6.1 BAI – MURABAHA: Meaning: The terms ‘Bai – Murabaha’ have derived from Arabic words Bai and Ribhun. The word ‘Bai’ means purchase and sale and the word ‘Ribhun’ means an agreed upon profit. Bai – Murabaha means sale for an agreed upon profit.   Definition: Bai-Murabaha may be defined as a contract between a Buyer and a Seller under which the seller sells certain specific goods permissible under Islamic Shariah and the Law of the land to the Buyer at a cost plus agreed profit payable on cash or on any fixed future date in lump-sum or by installments. The profit marked-up may be fixed on......

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...pçãÉ=_~ëáÅ=jáëí~âÉë=áå=jìê~Ä~Ü~Ü=cáå~åÅáåÖ= 3= 76 81 83 88 90 91 98 99 100 102 103 103 NMQ ÅçåíÉåíë= `çåÅäìëáçåë= NMS Ijarah _~ëáÅ=oìäÉë=çÑ=iÉ~ëáåÖ= iÉ~ëÉ=~ë=~=jçÇÉ=çÑ=cáå~åÅáåÖ= 1. The Commencement of Lease 2. Different Relations of the Parties 3. Expenses Consequent to Ownership 4. Liability of the Parties in Case of Loss to the Asset 5. Variable Rentals in Long Term Leases 6. Penalty for Late Payment of Rent 7. Termination of Lease 8. Insurance of the Assets 9. The Residual Value of the Leased Asset 10. Sub-Lease 11. Assigning of the Lease 109 NNN NNP 114 115 116 117 117 120 120 121 121 123 124 pÉÅìêáíáò~íáçå=çÑ=fà~ê~Ü= eÉ~ÇJiÉ~ëÉ= NOR NOS Salam and Istisna’ p~ä~ã= Conditions of Salam Salam as a Mode of Financing Some Rules of Parallel Salam Difference Between Istisna’ and Salam Difference Between Istisna’ and Ijarah Time of Delivery Istisna’ as a Mode of Financing 128 NOU 129 133 134 fëíáëå~Û= NPR 136 136 137 138 Islamic Investment Funds bèìáíó=cìåÇ= Conditions for Investment in Shares 140 NQN 143 fà~ê~Ü=cìåÇ= NQT 4 ÅçåíÉåíë= `çããçÇáíó=cìåÇ= Murabahah Fund Bai’-Al-Dain NQU 149 150 jáñÉÇ=cìåÇ= NRN The Principle of Limited Liability t~èÑ= _~áíìäJj~ä= gçáåí=píçÅâ= fåÜÉêáí~åÅÉ=ìåÇÉê=aÉÄí= qÜÉ=iáãáíÉÇ=iá~Äáäáíó=çÑ=íÜÉ=j~ëíÉê=çÑ=~=pä~îÉ= 152 NRQ NRR NRS NRT NRU The Performance of the Islamic Banks —A Realistic Evaluation 161 5= ‫ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﷲ ﺍﻟﺮﲪﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ‬ ‫ﺍﳊﻤﺪ ﷲ ﺭﺏ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﳌﲔ ،......

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Guidelines for Conducting Islamic Banking the principles of Islamic Shariah and no part of the business either in form and substance has any elements not approved by Islamic Shariah. "Branch or Branch Office" means any branch or Branch Office of Islamic Bank Company or office or Branch of such interest based conventional Banks which run Islamic banking business. "Depositor" means some one who holds with any Islamic Banking Company any account namely Current account based on Al-Wadiah principles, Savings or long and short term deposit accounts under Mudaraba principles. "Investment" means any such modes of financing which Islamic Bank Company does in accordance with principles of Shariah or as per the Shariah approved modes like Mudaraba, Musharaka, Bai-Murabaha, Bai-Muajjal, Istisna, Lease, Hire-purchase under Shirkatul Melk, etc. "Client" means such a person or institution who/which has any business relationship with Islamic Banking Company. "Compensation" means such financial penalty as is imposed by a Islamic Banking Company over and above the amount of installment when a client fails to repay Bank's investment on due dates as per the agreement executed by him. b. c. d. e f. g. h. 2 Section II LICENSE A. Criteria for setting up full-fledged Islamic Bank. The following will be the broad criteria for consideration of setting up of the scheduled Islamic Commercial Bank: 1. The proposed bank company will be a public limited company and a minimum of 50% share shall be offered to the......

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