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Chapter 4: The Human Side of Project Management


1. The performance of an organization or a project s influenced largely by how well its resources are organized

2. A single organizational structure is best for all organizations regardless of strategy.

3. An organization’s structure reveals the formal groupings and specializations of activities.

4. The Project Organization is based upon organizing resources to perform specialized tasks or activities in order to attain the goals of the organization.

5. The Functional Organization is based upon organizing resources to perform specialized tasks or activities in order to attain the goals of the organization.

6. Breadth, depth of knowledge and experience are advantages for projects sponsored by organizations with functional structures.

7. The Project Organizational structure supports clear authority and responsibility, improved communication and high levels of integration.

8. Disadvantages of the Project Organizational structure include project isolation, duplication of effort and projectitis.

9. Projectitis sometimes occurs when the project manager and project team develop a strong attachment to the project and to each other.

10. Unity of Command is violated when a project team member has only one direct superior.

11. The main feature of the Matrix Organizational structure is the ability to integrate areas and resources throughout an organization.

12. High potential for conflict and poor response time are disadvantages of the Matrix Organizational structure.

13. The informal organizational structure is a published structure that defines the official lines of authority, responsibilities and reporting relationships.

14. Stakeholders are individuals, groups, or even organizations that have a stake or claim in the project’s outcome.

15. Stakeholders have only a…...

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