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Chapter 3 1. The company’s microenvironment
-The company
-Marketing intermediaries
2. Publics -Financial publics -Media publics -Government publics -Citizen-action publics -Local publics -General public -Internal publics

3. The company’s macroenvironment
-Demographic environment
-Economic environment
-Natural environment
-Political and social environment
-Culture environment

Chapter4 1. Marketing search process
-Defining the problem and research objectives
-Developing the research plan for collecting information
-Implementing the research plan- collecting and analyzing the data
-Interpreting and reporting the findings
1. Customer-driven marketing strategy

2. The buyer decision process
Need recognition- Information search- Evaluation of alternatives- Purchase decision- Post-purchase behavior 3. Stages in the adoption process
Awareness- Interest- Evaluation- Trial- Adoption 4. Types of buying situations
Straight rebuy, Modified rebuy, New task, System selling, Buying centre

Chapter6 1. Customer driven marketing strategy
2. Market segmentation -Segmenting consumer markets -Segmenting business markets -Segmenting international markets -Requirements for effective segmentation
* -Measurable, Accessible, Substantial, Differentiable, Actionable
3. Market Targeting
-Evaluating market segments
*-segment size and growth -segment structure attractiveness -company objectives and resources
-Selecting target market segments
-Socially responsible target marketing
4. Differentiation and positioning -Positioning maps -Choosing a differentiation and positioning strategy -Communicating and delivering the chose position

Chapter7 1.…...

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