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Saturday Climbing

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The novel Saturday Climbing by W.D.Valgardson is based on the relationship between a single father and his daughter. The narrator has argued many determinate issues of what issue has made the relationship unstable. The barrier between main characters are caused by over cares, over attentions, and lack communicates. But comprehend and trust each other could be the solutions to these family conflict. In the family relationship, parenthood is always caring, because of his wife was passed away, the single father Barry has handled all the responsibility of keeping over his daughter Moria. In the novel says, “His daughter, eighty feet below, seemed so small that Barry felt he could lift her into his arms.”(Valgardson, P56) As the time goes by Moria grows up, Barry still sees Moria as his little girl, he used to put too much cares to Moira, and control over all the situation on hand. But Moira though she is old enough to reach her own goal, she does not want to require her father’s protection. The over cares form Barry has given her pressures and takes the freedom away from her. This constant argue and many other invalid communicate has break apart the relationship. As Moria becomes independent, Barry had tried to communicate with her, but Barry chose the wrong way to describing his caring of his daughter. Because of Barry can’t be with Moria all the time, so when Moria is going out late for dates and parties, he has questioned her abilities. This over attend communications has given a distrusted feeling to Moria, and also distancing themselves from each…...

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