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Sea Turtles Threatened with Extinctions

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Abstract The topic of this paper is Sea turtles endangered by Global warming. It argues that global warming have a bad effect on the environment and threatens some species in the world. In the specially, sea turtles which is the oldest species in live in the world so we need to find solutions to protect this specie. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that we need to find solutions to decrease global warming. The second is that we need to decrease the pollution due to human. Finally, protect the sea turtle of human and predators.

Sea Turtles threatened with extinction

A lot of species are endangered because of global warming and more specifically the Sea turtle, which is the oldest species known in the world (Velaquez-Manoff 2007); it lived during the dinosaurs. Now the change of the climate threatens these species, and if we don’t do something in a hurry, this species will disappear. The increasing temperature (more than 2 degrees these last years) have an impact directly on the turtle’s eggs (Velaquez-Manoff 2007, Brahic 2007). The problem is that more females than males are born; that means the future will be difficult for reproduction. According to WWF (2007), it’s not only the future population which is in peril, because there is also habitat loss and degradation, pollution, disease because of human and marine pollution, and natural predators. As Bhattacharya (2007) said, we need to do something and we can already cut emissions of greenhouse gases, employ new energy efficient technology and use strategies to sequester carbon dioxide from atmosphere. These examples will decrease the effect of global warming, and that is good for the sea turtle. In Bhattacharya’s article, she said that global warming is the change of climate, this is due to all the different activities due to human which increased…...

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