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Week #6 Reading
“Four Good Legs Between Us”

-Jockey’s Agent: Yummy -prize fighter: Jonny Pollard (Cougar) -trainer: Tom Smith wanted a good fit for sea biscuit—became very well known for his skill - the car industry was unreliable but howard became rich when there was an earthquake and people needed transportation. Proved cars reliability was better than horses. -began to invest in horse races -Gianni introduced Smith to Howard/hired him -seabiscuit=descendant of “Man O War”---was really unfit for racing. Tom Smith recognized his ability. Was sore and weary. High Performance Teams: Seabiscuit Review Questions 1. What are the key differences between Groups and Teams? Groups= people who are together but don’t necessarily collaborate to achieve a goal Team=group of people who work together for a common goal 2. What is team cohesiveness and what factors lead to team cohesiveness? Team cohesiveness is when all members work together 3. What is team synergy? Discuss the concept and provide real world examples from your own experience or oberservation to explain your points. Team synergy is when all members are on the same wave lengths or similar understanding of the goals 4. What are they Key Success Factors in thoroughbred horse racing? 5. What was the context at the time Seabiscuit case study? Describe the social and economic conditions in the 1930s. Recovery from the great depression. 6. Who were the members of the “Seabiscuit Team” in 1937 & 1938? Describe the background and capabilities (and limitation) of each team member. What did each member bring to the team? What did each member need from the team? 7. How did the Seabiscuit team perform collectively? More importantly, why? 8. What are the lessons from the Seabiscuit story that you can apply to your own team experiences? How will you leverage these lessons?…...

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