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Security Awareness Proposal

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Look at the deliverables for the final project; develop a plan to for effective communications, and increase security awareness in the organization. Please be sure to create this portion of the final proposal with all elements in mind as you prepare this portion.

Final Course Project Proposal (22%)
You have been hired as the new protection officer for ESL Inc. ESL Inc. has a large facility over 900 employees can be in at any given time. The organization has core hours from 8 AM to 6 PM but workers arrive at the organization as early as 6 AM and leave as late as 9 PM. The organization has 3 guards that work core hours only, posted at the front entrance to the building. Employees have badges that have their picture and key cards that let them in the building. The security guards open the door and check badges in the event a key card does not work. There is no security to prevent users from getting on the grounds, the front of the organization is off a major highway, and the back of the plant is backs up to acres of undeveloped woods. ESL Inc was just awarded a federal contract and after the site visit they were told they would lose the lucrative contract if they did not make their organization secure.
As the new protection officer, you are to create a comprehensive proposal to make the facility secure which includes the following elements:

* New adequate security staffing levels and shifts * Effective plan to increase communications * Plan to raise security awareness in the organization * Automation operations plan * A new patrol plan * A comprehensive Physical Security Plan * Access Control Plan * Fire and other hazard plan * Approach to prevent and mitigate workplace crime * Emergency response plan * Surveillance plan
This sounds like a great deal of information, but you should rely on the information in…...

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