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MBA 105 Organizational Behavior Review
Term 1, 2013
Final Exam

This study guide should help you organize your preparation for the exam. The exam will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions (taken from the text and the class discussion).

1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Management

What is Organizational Behavior? Why do we study organizational behavior?

2. Personality What shapes personality? What are some of the key dimensions of personality? Big 5: the five dimensions of personality Core-self evaluation, Type A personality Case: Warner Cable (A&B)

3. Perception What is perception? Factors that influence perception (e.g., personality, needs, etc) How to people make attributions(cues about the causes of behavior?: consensus, consistency, distinctiveness Common perceptual errors (e.g., Fundamental attribution errors, Self-serving bias, recency, and etc.) Exercise: Alligator River

4. Motivation Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and Prosocial motivation Positive reinforcement Need theory Expectancy theory Equity theory Goal setting theory Characteristics of goals (e.g., easy vs. challenging; specific vs. vague) Job Characteristic Model(designing jobs to enhance intrinsic motivation Case: Karen Leary (A) Case: Honey and Beard Company

5. Leadership Leadership theories: Trait approach, Ohio’s leadership styles (task vs. people), Contingency theories, Transaction and transformational leadership What are the differences between a manager and a leader? What are the key characteristics of charismatic and transformational leaders?


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