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God made the country and man made the town. (Cowper)

Everything in this world has its own merits and demerits. Nothing is perfect in this world. Perfection lies only in God. So, town life and country life have also their own advantages and disadvantages. Things, pleasures, scenes entertainments and recreations which one finds in cities are not available in country side and vice versa.

City life has its pleasures and pains, its comforts and discomforts and its charms and horrors. To these who live in villages and towns, city life has special appeal, and they desire to visit a city repeatedly. And likewise, city dwellers want to enjoy the simple pleasures if a village away from maddening complexities of city life.

For those who live in the rural areas and small towns, life in a big city in surely very attractive. They are happily surprised and sometime as stupefied to find high-rise, multi-storied buildings on the two sides of broad and busy roads. The shape, size and colors of the building structures, whether they are trade centers plazas, government or private offices or residences of rich people are all enchantingly beautiful and impressive. Surely, the fashionable, comparatively newly-built areas of the big cities in other and our countries are tastefully constructed, attentively decorated and carefully maintained. To look at the sky-kissing buildings one feels like being in a city built at the order of Aladdin subbing his magic lamp.

If you would know and not be known, live in a city. (Colton)

A typical big city with lots of mighty shopping centers and plazas first o fall, is known for the rush and pressure of shopping. All manner of young and old people with their families fill the main bazaars, narrow streets and open spaces with ordinary make –shift shop or stalls to buy all sorts of articles of daily use luxury items, machines and…...

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