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Should Businese Help Society in All the Way They Can?

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When asked whether businesses are responsible for helping society in all the way they can, in my own perspective, the answer YES is more convincing. Helping society can let businesses enjoy many benefits likewise it is not difficult for them to do.

By lending a helping hand to society, businesses can enjoy several advantages. Good reputation can be gained while positive company image can be built. The success is attributable to the responsible behaviors of firms. This increases consumers’ confidence, helps retain quality staff, attracts potential investors. Obviously, it is much more powerful than thinking of wonderful slogans.

Besides, we also tend to see a chain effect as a result of providing good examples for other firms to follow. A business can be an originator of charity campaigns and make good use of their influences to help society. For example, McDonalds organized a charity Matterhorn on 3rd November, 2012 in Hong Kong. The event attracted many organizations in the business sector to come and support such as The Links and Commercial Radio. Ronald McDonalds House raised HK$5 million in the activity this time.

Apart from that if firms can take initiative to help society, there will be less intense in government policies which force companies to comply with the social responsibility guidelines. For example, government may levy heavier taxes in order to obtain resources from businesses for helping society. This provides more freedom for businesses to run their business.

Furthermore, the company can help society not only in terms of money, but also in other forms. Here are some examples. CLP Holdings Limited, which is one of the electricity suppliers in Hong Kong, launched an online game called Green Park in 2010. This game aims to encourage participants to learn about the importance of trees offer to human beings in a funny way. Moreover, for every…...

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