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Should Government Be Responsible for Csr?

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Should Government have the largest influence on Corporate Social Responsibility ?


Carroll’s four responsibilities of business are economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary (Carroll, 1991). Economic responsibility is a business organization to produce goods or service to society, and creditors or shareholders can get return. Legal responsibility is defined in law by government that management is expected to follow. Ethical responsibility is organization management to obey the beliefs in a society. The last discretionary responsibility is the management of their own accord to take obligations, they do it by themselves, and not others force them to do (Carroll, 1991).

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a business’s decisions or actions are made which take outcomes beyond the organization's economic profit into account in the decision making process (Carroll, 1991). Social responsibilities include ethical responsibilities and discretionary responsibilities. The difference between them was that less people expect a firm to perform discretionary responsibilities, while a lot of people expect a firm to perform ethical responsibilities. Discretionary responsibilities are like day-care centers, to training the hard-core unemployed and philanthropic contributions. A firm can take actions to perform its ethical responsibilities and discretionary responsibilities that society will value it but not put it into law yet. After satisfied ethical responsibilities, an organization will pay attention to discretionary responsibilities which was voluntary actions, and society does not think it is very important. (Thomas L. Wheelem, J David Hunger. (2012). pp. 73).

Importance of society responsibility

In traditional view of a business firm, people only to make profit and increase…...

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