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Should Immigration Laws Be Reformed

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Should immigration laws be reformed

Promising freedom and opportunity, the United States attracts individuals to come to the USA. But the current immigration system in the united states is broken: families are isolated, immigration workers are exploited, people die trying to cross the border, and there is rampant discrimination. The government should be for reforming immigration laws because it keeps families together and creates rational process of citizenship for new Americans etc.

The first reason why immigration should be reformed is economy benefits by immigration reforms. Immigration reform would increase U.S. GDP by at least 0.84 percent. According to the American immigration council, “This would translate into at least a $1.5 trillion cumulative increase in GDP over 10 years, which includes approximately $1.2 trillion in consumption and $256 billion in investment”.

Second, immigration system can uphold children’s basic human rights and ensure access to critical public services, programs, and economic supports for children and their families. It can ensure that children receive legal representation before all immigration authorities and, for all unaccompanied children, the appointment of an independent child advocate from the moment of detention throughout the course of any immigration or other related court proceedings.

The other reason is it keeps family together Under today’s broken immigration system, many immigrants do not have the family support that is so critical to success and so fundamental to who we are as a country. There are Filipino World War II veterans still waiting to be reunited with their children; there are families separated by visa backlogs that last years and even decades; and there are mothers and fathers being torn from their children because they don’t have the right…...

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