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Should the Uae Have a Military Conscription ?

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Almost all countries in the world create armies to support internal and external security. The army of the UAE is not obligatory for UAE citizens. They can join the army if they want to serve for their country. Currently, they sign contracts, which regulate their relationships with army. Moreover, military career becomes popular with both men and women in UAE. However, conscription is a possible option fr UAE authorities to choose to make the army more powerful and numerous and educate young people to be knowledgeable in the military sphere. The implementation щf conscription to the army has both advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed in this paper.
Today the UAE army is not very big, but quite effective. It is well-structured and consists of Nave, Air, Army and Air Defense Force (“Emirati Army”). All these divisions invite men and women to join the army to provide better inner security for citizens. Paramilitary forces are a separate special division, which helps the country to provide better realization of laws and rights on the territory of the country. The question of conscription arises because the huge part of people in the army and non-nationals. The policies to attract nationals to serve in the army date back to 1992, when 30% of all military servants were non-nationals (“Emirati Army”). Conscription is the most radical out of all policies suggested for developing the army. Army develops slowly but steadily. According to Global Security organization, in 2012 it was equipped by several hundred Russian tanks and French LeClerc tanks. Also, it 2010, the army approved $300 million plan to upgrade helicopters which belonged to military services (“Emirati Army”). In 2013, the army spent $1.4 billion on jeeps and other equipment, which was necessary for soldiers and their supplement (DiPaola). It shows that government is concerned with army…...

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