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XML is one type of markup language that is simple and universal which allow users to store structured data into XML files. XML technically stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is developed for several purposes. Some common used for XML are information identification, storage, and structure. XML can be used to store information across many platforms because it is portable and non-proprietary, also backed by international standard which is accessible and processable as a data format. XML is used for web services and development where it is used as platform to transfer data between different languages. It is also used for documentation and publishing as well as messaging and data transfer. There are several reasons why a programmer or web designer should use XML. Some advantages of XML include it is a platform to used independent language and easy to be used and understand. XML is not restricted to limited set of tags and users can developed their own set of tags with any sets of rule. XML can also be combined with any application that capable of processing it and it is also very compatible with java application. XML can send data from java program to .NET application and vice versa and it supported almost all other programming language. Besides, XML is vendor and system independent where there would be no loss of data during data exchange even when using system of totally different format. XML is portable language and can be used in large networks with multiple platforms like Internet, even on handhelds, palmtops or PDAs. Despite of many benefits of XML, there are several drawbacks of XML should be known. XML is lack of application processing. There is no browser yet can read XML. It must be converted into HTML to be read by browsers. Since XML is independent language, it depends on who writes it. However, it may pose problems for other users. Although it can use any tags with any rules, it might be hard for huge organization or business in which they may have hundreds of function related to one set of document. XML becomes a lot complicated when come to big task. Besides, the syntax in XML is very large and redundant relative to binary data representation. Redundancy in XML might as well affect the efficiency of the application. As a conclusion, XML can be said as most common tools for data transmission in all sorts of application. As well as HTML, it is quite important for web development and also other functions.…...

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