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Sk-Ii Group Discussion

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1. SK-II have the potential to develop in to a major global brand? * Priced at over $100 a bottle * Not a typical P&G product but its successful introduction in Taiwan and Hong Kong * Paolo thinking the brand has global potential.
Paolo should consider:
1. Organize the Company Along Product Lines not Geography
2. Continue to be the Technology Leader
3. Roll Out to Other Asian Countries
4. Sell off the SK-II Product Line
(SK-II had the potential to be a global brand even though it had many thinks needed to work on)
2. What do you think of Organization 2005?
O2005 seems to still take place and cause more damage than expected many executives are confused and therefore the potential for failure is increased. Even though everyone may have a good intention, the worldwide rollout may fail just for reasons of the putting in practice the O2005 plan, such as – organizational change, changes in management structures and the various implications from operations through marketing to the sales.
3. Consider that SK-II is globalized, what should Paolo's expansion strategy be in rolling out SK-II? Which country should be a priority?
Companies typically fail when their strategy no longer fits the environment in which they operate.
To achieve a good fit, Paolo and his managers must understand the forces that shape competition in their external environment. This understanding enables them to identify strategic opportunities and threats.
An extension of a market by reaching out to a new market segments (such as geographically) is not the same as regional, national, or international geographic expansion of the company's sales. The first option leads to an increase in primary demand for the product category.
Expansion strategy in rolling out SK-II may consider as:
Grow Sales with Existing Product – With this approach, this will actively increase the…...

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