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Communication Skills

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Welcome to the next module of your course of study in commerce. The purpose of the this module is to familiarize you with some key issues underlying the notions of communications – a very important aspects of any successful business.

The first unit is about understanding ‘business communication skills’. We will see why good communication is important in business. We will examine some of the barriers to communication and how can they be overcome. We will also look at what is meant by non-verbal communication, networking and face-to-face communication…...

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...BT Personal Skills Journey Key skills training for young adults Foreword The BT Learning and Skills Programme is passionate in its promotion of the key role communication skills play in our lives. We recognise that in this increasingly competitive world, we need to equip our young people with an understanding of the basics in life as early as we can, as businesses both large and small cannot afford to recruit staff who are unprepared for their start in the world of work. The lessons contained in this publication can be supplemented with many of the free resources available from our Learning and Skills website at 02 Personal Skills Journey Foreword Welcome to your Personal Skills Journey Workbook! You will use this workbook as a journal throughout the year to evaluate and record your personal skills journey. These skills are SOFT skills – this means that there is no one test that will demonstrate if you have them or not. Assessing your personal skills is different to assessing your verbal or numerical skills or your ability in science – there are no right and wrong answers so soft skills are harder to measure. Some people will be very good in one area and need to improve in other areas. The aim of this workbook is to help you decide what skills are your strengths (what you are good at) or your weaknesses – the skills that you will need to practice in order to become better at......

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